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Shapes and Shallow Depth of Field (DOF)

This challenge closed over 4 years ago.

The Challenge

We want to see your images of shapes showing shallow depth of field.

Defined as: depth of field (DOF) is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image (from wikipedia)

Judging / Voting Criteria

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Rewards & Prizes

Top entry will become a featured member in the group

Additional Information

You do not need to enter your work into the group to participate in the challenge.

Please take a moment to visit Bob’s folio below.

Cover Image: Before and after.... by Bob Daalder


The Top Ten

Christmas Purple Bauble Cupcakes by Joy Watson

Christmas Purple Bauble Cupcakes by Joy Watson was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 10 votes.

  • closed for the winter by sarahb03
  • Colour Of Life XXXIV [Print & iPad Case] by Damienne Bingham
  • Crayonbow by AJM Photography
  • Wild Thing by Lois  Bryan
  • Solid Bass II by Bob Daalder
  • California Girls by John Poon
  • Red Dog Otter's by LjMaxx
  • Pearls in autumn by Hans Bax
  • Stacked by laruecherie

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    On The Edge

    "What should be on the edge, and what edge should it be on?", you ask yourselves. Well that's e…

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