Shanime: Inspired by Anime'

"Let the Anime SHINE through."

Recent Work

  • Madoka☆Magica - Kyubey by MLPDarkAngel
  • equivalence over faith by homicidalzero
  • symmetrical love by homicidalzero
  • In Case of a Fire by Kitsuneace
  • Pantsu by Kitsuneace
  • Longue Vie et Prosperite by Gilles Bone
  • Robin on Branch by Sophie Corrigan
  • Baby Centaurs by Tokito-sempai
  • Legend of Squirtle by Kitsuneace
  • Pushemon by Kitsuneace
  • Vic & Bob by Sophie Corrigan
  • No Life King. by Fuu-kun

About This Group

If your work is Anime inspired and yet you keep getting rejected for the other Anime groups, this group is for YOU!


We will accept all forms of Anime and Kawaii designs as long as they are, in fact, Anime inspired! :)

Only add original Anime, Manga or Kawaii artwork.
NO photography!!!
NO poser art!!!
NO clipart!!!

- Please only add 2 clothing and 2 art designs a day. We cannot accept anything else after that. This way we can avoid flooding and give other people a chance to show off their masterpieces! Overall, though, we allow an unlimited amount of works in total!

See the group rules and join this group here

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