Shadows & Reflections-Silhouettes Photography2 per Day only.

A group dedicated to the beauty of travelling light.


  • Abandoned Liquor Store by JRRouse
  • Valentines Day Sunrsie by Arfan Habib
  • Waiting for fun  by Jim Cumming
  • Illumination by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • Beach Nude by dcdigital
  • That's some colour by sharon wingard
  • Sandcastle Architect by DAdeSimone
  • Lost In Space Mickey - Found Again by Michael May
  • No pain is soft by strawberries
  • BLOWING RED BUBBLES by Randy Richards
  • Paw Patrol by Tarrby
  • American Green Winged Teal by Cynthia48
  • Ring Flash by Tom McDonnell
  • Jubilee Dawn by PlanetPenwith
  • That's a bit confusing by myraj
  • Gold and things by MarianBendeth
  • Study in Silhouette by Marylou Badeaux
  • Indian Sunset by Alexandra Lavizzari