Group Rules:

The monitoring selection is left up to the host doing the work.
We will view each image for its, beauty, clarity, color, calmness… Please make sure your images are clear, and have a great look to them.

We accept photography & fine art mediums – oil paintings, watercolor, pastels. If using any one of these mediums, you will need to be sure your image looks life like. aka-REAL

NO black & white, please.

All images will be subject the following;
Photography – It will be reviewed for it’s clarity, focus, & framing.
Art mediums – they will be reviewed for how real & life like they are, along with how you framed your subject.

All images will be viewed individually on how they fit the group, and placement of man made objects in the scene. We are still looking for calming scenes, not images of places with a lot of man made things.

Continued posting of images that don’t meet the rules, shows your not watching carefully when posting. If you do this several times, you will be removed from the group.