Self Taught Photographers

For people who have no education in photography, and have learned everything on their own, including the software they use to edit, treat, and process their photos.

  • Headache by Randy Turnbow
  • Prayer for a Safe Ride by Randy Turnbow
  • Meadowland Deity  by Heather King
  • Sailing Past the Setting Sun, San Diego  by Heather Friedman
  • A Cool Kid by Jo Nijenhuis
  • Is It Spring Yet? by Bonnie T.  Barry
  • Umbrella Pad For Lilies by Cynthia48
  • SUCH A GRAY DAY by leonie7
  • Headley  church, Hampshire uk by relayer51
  • TAKE TIME TO WONDER by Marilyn Grimble
  • Dreamy Daffodils by autumnwind
  • Portrait of a Rose by Heather Friedman
  • Windswept plains by Heather King
  • White Faced Heron..........!! by Roy  Massicks
  • A nosy cow? (pls see notes) by Kanages Ramesh
  • Northern Cardinal Pair on Holly Branch by Bonnie T.  Barry
  • Sea View at Poldhu Point  by Marilyn Harris
  • Open Hillside by Chris Gudger