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FEATURES ARE UP FOR THE WEEK OF 06/13/2012 IN STAR...Self Taught Aritists on RedBubble!

linmarie linmarie 2210 posts

Congratulations to our featured art works this week,, that display….. PASSION….. not only in each and every paint brush stroke.. or composition, or bold and brilliant colors.. but your titles as well.. this comes from the heart.. this comes from artists with vision and soul..
I am so proud of this selection this week.. because I want you all to know…. you have inspired me.. I have the paints out.. and ready to go.. and I have been suffering with painters block for over a year now.. so stay posted..
I know this gallery will inspire many more of our artists…. to just let it go. .paint,, draw it.. let those feelings out.. and I hope you all pay close attention to the titles of these passionate paintings also.. that is the key.. that is what draws you in even more…. title then painting,, painting then title.. and on and on…………………..♥
All works are click able to go to its page to leave comments, and please leave your comments here as well..and all these put together give out a very clear message.. I hope you all feel it,, see it and embrace it♥
Peace,love, light and inspiration to you all.. until next week.. all my love♥linmarie

Our artist and painting that sparked this inspirational theme this week is…LoveringArts….
Accept Me For What I Am ( Accept me for the things that I do ) by LoveringArts
“Congratulations Paul, your work was our inspiration for this weeks features”
You are now a featured Artist/Member in our group! Thank you for sharing your beautiful world with us all♥

Accept Me For What I Am ( Accept me for the things that I do ) by LoveringArtsMasquerade by NuttyRachy
When keep back the pain … by kseniakoEmpty Love by Ming Myaskovsky
Broken Hearts (Masquerade) by jyruffSupplication by edy4sure
True Is False… by Janis ZrobackIn the Mood by twopoots
The Connection by ReynaldoLove by Eno Bare
Admiring God’s Handiwork I by Angela L WalkerForsaken by Leslie Gustafson
BasantSoni BasantSoni 349 posts

Hearty congrats for ur Miraculous stylish work series " PASSION" not only pleasing to eyes but soul too ….Best compliments…Paul

LoveringArts LoveringArts 98 posts

Awwwwwwwwwwww that is just awesome Linmarie , I thank you so much for this Feature , I am soooooooooooo over the moon ! , it is so wonderful to be in such fantastic company as these other featured artists………….. My special thanks from Edinburgh .. Paulxx

edy4sure edy4sure 676 posts

Many thanks again for this wonderful feature Linmarie. It is an honor to be featured alongside these great artists also. congrats to all :)

© Angela L Walker © Angela L Walker 877 posts

Linmarie, I am honored by your comments and inclusion of my work in this particular selection of profound features! Thank you so very much… you’ve touched me deeply!

Congratulations to EVERYONE featured here! Have a wonderfully CREATIVE week!

Love and hugs,

Leslie Gustafson Leslie Gustafson 803 posts

Wow! I feel so honored to be among such great pieces! Thank you!!

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 7978 posts

What a fabulous collection of portraits…thank you so much for including one of mine..

jyruff jyruff 250 posts

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts applies in this great collection you have assembled here Linmarie,
as each work is enhanced further with the addition of its neighbors. So nice of you to do this for us!

Congratulations to all the talented artists for their inspiring works :)

kseniako kseniako 247 posts

Oh Linmarie, I am really honored to see my work here!
Thank you!
Congratulations to all the talented artists!

Norah Jones Norah Jones 194 posts

Wonderful selection, some truly magical pieces!!

Ming  Myaskovsky Ming Myaskovsky 168 posts

Cheers and huge congrats to all these fabulous artists! And thank you SO much Linmarie for this wonderful feature, I am honoured to be included! ;) XXOO