Self as Other 2/24

For people who use themselves as models, either for self-portraiture or for more conceptual imagery.

  • All I Want by Kitsmumma
  • Still Your Ghost by Jennifer Rhoades
  • A Prayer for the Clowns by Randy Turnbow
  • when the man comes around by zep wernbacher-dundo
  • tales from the other side, I by zep wernbacher-dundo
  • USED by Peter Evans
  • S M O K E R  by makbet666
  • The Longing That Sits Deep by Jennifer Rhoades
  • this dust is all that's left of us. by Jennifer Rich
  • Thinking About Getting Up© by walela
  • The Bulb Change by Randy Turnbow
  • My song by dmcart
  • Out of bounds by redtree
  • Tiara and Tub by Jennifer Rhoades
  • Eiffel and All That Jazz by Randy Turnbow
  • S M O K E R by makbet666
  • Vow of Silence by Heather King
  • The Art of Dorian Gray by Crowmanic