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SECRET iPHONE Department

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*Welcome to the Secret iPhone Features Gallery* 20 Nov 2011

sentimentum sentimentum 1106 posts

Welcome to the Secret iPhone Features Gallery
20 Nov 2011


.. ..

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Thank you to,

iphone Candle Case by susan stone,
iPhone Case: Gift To The World by Tonberry,
sunflower (iPhone case) by vintagecorner
Bobbles & Baubles – iPhone Cover by Bryan Freeman,
Pomegranate and pot – the iPhone case by Kostas Koutsoukanidis,
Mrs Beasley iPhone Case by leapdaybride

Mrs Beasley iPhone Case by leapdaybride is the Official Mascot of the Secret iPhone Department

Past features can be viewed by clicking the little featured banner here >

Kostas Koutsoukanidis Kostas Koutsou... 228 posts

Great selection! Happy to be here :-)

leapdaybride leapdaybride 760 posts

Thank you so much for the AWESOME feature sentimentum! I am so happy to be among these wonderful images!
Also thank you for making the beautiful page for us to enjoy and link to, I appreciate you time and efforts as HOST!

Congratulations to ALL, Have a Lovely Holiday! ♥

sentimentum sentimentum 1106 posts

Fantast work everyone, and the move to a bigger building was well worth the effort.. we will still be linked with the Artist of Still Life, so keep putting your non iphone case images in the artist of still life :)

Tonberry Tonberry 64 posts

Thank you for including my case with these other amazing ones!