A group about the fabulous Seagulls from around the globe. SEAGULLS ONLY

Recent Work

  • Low tide makes fishing easy..... Dorset UK by lynn carter
  •  Golden Sunrise Panorama. Printed Photo art, Gifts, & Apparel. by sunnypicsoz
  • Beautiful Silver Gull, mugs cups and clothes by sunnypicsoz
  • Silver Gull in Orange Red Ocean Sunrise. by sunnypicsoz
  • Silver Gull Emblem by sunnypicsoz
  • Opposites attract  by Margaret Stanton
  • Untitled by sunnypicsoz
  • Seagull sepia tones  by Margaret Stanton
  • Gulls over Carmel River by Yukondick
  • Gulls @ Walpole Beachs WA by Yukondick
  • Beautiful Australian Seagull. Exclusive Photo Art. by sunnypicsoz
  • Juvenile Herring Gull by lezvee

About This Group

Seagulls frequent coastal and some inland waters all around the globe. There are 11 different genera of seagulls and many different species. This group wants to showcase them all. Seagulls are intelligent, resourceful, and entertaining to say the least. So let’s see some of your best work featuring seagulls and their crazy antics.

Please note: this group is for SEAGULLS ONLY. NO other birds or waterfowl will be accepted.

Spotlight of the Week

Behind Me? You won’t get me with that one by dsargent

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