Sci Fi (only 4 per day, please)

Group Rules:

If you’ve had work rejected here, it’s probably because it’s:

Not science fiction!
Pure Fractal (no sci-fi connotations)
Pure abstract (no sci-fi connotations)
Strictly Surreal (no sc-fi connotations)
Fantasy without sci-fi
Horror without sci-fi
A design very similar to one already added.
A design with no science fiction theme
A design (or art) which doesn’t fit our focus here
Nothing to do with sci-fi
Based on media which isn’t really sci fi
Based on media which may be sci-fi but you didn’t list your source
Science without the fiction
Inappropriate for public viewing and it doesn’t have the filter
Or, we believe it’s taken directly from a copyrighted source.

Check our weekly Features to review past works that exemplify our group

Limit your Variants, please! (Work virtually identical to other work you’ve posted here.) Let your images be fresh/unique!

No porn/ no obscenity (tasteful nudity ok and acceptance will be at the discretion of the hosts but again, use the filter where appropriate.)

Bryce/3D pilots please note: just because it’s Bryce or 3D software doesn’t automatically classify it as Sci Fi. The image must be more than a pretty pattern, it must at least suggest a Sci Fi story or scenario!

Important: If your art refers to a game, movie, novel or TV show PLEASE LIST THE SOURCE! Some, like Star Trek, are obvious to nearly everyone; others not so much. And just because you’ve based your artwork on a game, comic or tv show, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s science fiction! I WILL look it up … but if I do and I don’t find it qualifies as sci fi, it will likely be rejected.

This is a group for everybody on the Bubble: if your work is “not safe for public viewing” use the filter, please!

Hosts will have the final say. That’s what hosts are for. But we’re always open to negotiation. If your work is rejected and you disagree with that decision, please feel free to write! Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. In the meantime, come aboard and blind us with your speculative visions ~ whether they’re inspired by the Greats or purely your Originals!

(Protocols are pretty easy here… really! One rule of thumb – - if you’re a real Sci-fi fan, you know it when you see it!)

Remember RB Etiquette! In accord with Starfleet Regulations, anybody in defiance could be beamed from the ship… this mission is a peaceful one! Play Nice.

That’s it! Now, Make it So. Go boldly where no one’s gone before!