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Features! Dec. 26th

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1060 posts

Check out our awesome featured artwork for the week here at Sci Fi!

(Don’t forget to leave your comments and congrats! You can do that here, or click the images to reach the individual artists!)

(The group is open for submissions now, so keep the awesome artwork coming in!)

See you Next Year! :-)
And a Happy 2014 to all!


Now Is The Time When We Dance by Syd Baker

GiR2-D2 by AtomicRocket

Diamond Doctor 4 by shaydeychic

giant robot girls just want to have fun by IanByfordArt

The Seeding of Dacor III by Chester Edwards

Banksy/Darkinc1 – Doctor Who Tribute – “Everything Has a Beginning” by James Ferguson – Darkinc1

the Floating Forests of Farjil by blacknight

Adiposing as The Doctor by Skree

Pergolas by KLIMAS

China’s New Age Martian Colony by Sazzart

Galaxy and Bowties by TheJollyLlama

Moon Express by Icarusismart

Chester Edwards Chester Edwards 31 posts

Congratulations to all the featurees. Great work people . Happy and prosperous New year to all.

LoneAngel LoneAngel 5255 posts

wonderful collection of works .. huge congrats everyone .. :))