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Features! Dec. 21

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1375 posts

Congratulations featured artists of the week, on your OUTSTANDING science fiction art!

We will be on break ‘til after Christmas. In the meantime, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! And all you Whovians ,,, keep that kleenex handy for the Christmas special. You know you’re gonna need it when we bid farewell to Matt! :-(

See you when we’re back!

Steampunk Santa Claus by Patrick Scullin

Alien Resurrection by amandamakepeace

Siberiana 2 by Bob Bello

RoboSanta 2000 by DoodleDojo

Jacqueline Pearce miniature by wu-wei (Servalen, Blakes 7)

Art Deco- Giant Robot Attack by ori-STUDFARM

E.C.H.P – Extra-Terrestrial Chromosomal Hybridization Project by reflector

Space Mountain by soyrwoo

Optimus Prime Zombie by Skree

Observation by blacknight

SKYFOX (The Starfox Prequel). by John Medbury (LAZY J Studios)

Matt Smith Hope by Leopard

amandamakepeace amandamakepeace 31 posts

Thank you!

DoodleDojo DoodleDojo 41 posts

Thanks for the feature and congrats to everyone else who got one. Have a good Christmas! :)

reflector reflector 101 posts

Thanks for including my work along with some really stunning creations!

ori-STUDFARM ori-STUDFARM 4 posts

Some great pieces. Thanks for putting mine alongside them :)