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Our Theme this week ~ Dr. Who!

This is the Week of the Big World Event: the Global Simulcast of the much-anticipated Anniversary Special marking 50 years of the series! And while we don’t normally confine our features here at Sci Fi to Dr. Who or any other show exclusively ~ here and now, we’re breaking with tradition in honor of the Doctor. All the Doctors! All the episodes, all the aliens and villains, all the companions… half a century of Awesomeness deserves special recognition, we believe! And for those who are not Whovians (although we can’t imagine why), fear not ~ we’ll return to our usual venue soon and your other work, which is also awesome, will be appearing on our Feature page, again!

(You newbies to the Bubble may be asking, “What are Features really all about?” Please scroll to the end, for a word or two or that on that… )

That much said… Big Congrats to everybody featured here, on your FANTASTIC work!

Hope the rest of you will leave your comments and congrats as well! You can do that here, or click the images to reach the artists individually (and that way, you can mark your favorites, buy the work, etc.)

Enjoy ~ !

And enjoy “The Day of the Doctor,” too! For anybody in the States who may have missed the news (due to being in an alternate dimension??) the much-anticipated episode will air tomorrow, the 23rd, at 2:30 Central Time on BBC America. You can also catch it later at the “usual” time but to see it while they’re seeing it London-town… now, that’s cooler than a bow-tie! LOL


Doctor Who – John Hurt Doctor – 50th by James Ferguson – Darkinc1

Retro Dalek – celebrating 50 years of Dr Who by debzandbex

Who’s Your Doctor? by Patrick Scullin

Dalek Carousel by BlueShift

Amy Pond – Text by SkinnyJoe

OOD Champagne by kingUgo

My Favorite Paradox by LKBurke29

Rose Tyler art nouveau , Doctor Who , TARDIS by koroa

K9 and Adipose by Skree

The Doctor 010 by zerobriant

I want you to have a jelly baby by spaceman300

doctor who by apadilla94


Again, to quote Dr. #9 ~ FANTASTIC!!


As promised, a bit about the features… in the end, like the groups, they’re all about EXPOSURE. It’s one thing to put your work on the Bubble, but the playing field here is mighty big! Work can sit on the site unrecognized for weeks or even years and one can start to think, “Maybe no one likes it.” Probably not the case. The problem is, that no one sees it! There is just too much material. Groups and Features bring your art (or photos, as the case may be) into the spotlight. And the more who see your work, the better, you will doubtlessly agree!

We select only 12 at any given time, because there are only 12 positions on the Group Home Page for features. These are the first works of art which people see when coming to the group. And they represent what we, the hosts, believe to be the Best of the Best ~ the Cream of the Crop. They are NOT easy to select ~ not here, where we have such OUTSTANDING sci fi art! Nor do any 12 really represent the lot. Many of the Best are already featured and we never do a feature twice. We also try to feature any given artist only once a week. “Fair is fair,” after all. In this case, I would have loved to feature EVERY doctor, every alien and villain, and every companion! But with only 12… not possible. Alas! (More can be chosen, but only 12 would show).

As always, we think our Weekly Dozen are Absolutely Brilliant! Top Drawer! Congrats again to all!

Allons-y & Geronimo!

debzandbex debzandbex 41 posts

Fabulous art and a wonderful celebration of Dr Who’s golden anniversary. Thanx once again Nadya for featuring my work!!!!!!!

LoneAngel LoneAngel 5354 posts

fabulous collection .. huge congrats everyone