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FEATURES! ~ Aug. 16

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1590 posts

Check ’em out ~ The Weekly Dozen from the Sci Fi Group!

These are nothing less than Awesome! Congrats to all!

(Hope you’ll leave your comments and congrats as well: you can do that here or reach the individual artists if you like by clicking on the images).

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Adipose Adoption by Skree

The Lily by Anna Ewa Miarczynska

Holly Head by MrHSingh

Journey’s End? by KittenPokerUK

Alien (1979) Movie Poster – feat. Ripley by Peter Cassidy

time traveller by frederic levy-hadida

Lucky Oswald by Bleee

holographic universe by shadowlea

Ceti Eel by Firepower

Jolene Blalock miniature by wu-wei

Snow Crop by blacknight

10 – Can’t you hear it? by MrSaxon

shadowlea shadowlea 1262 posts

great selection of beautiful creative work, congratulations everyone….honoured to be included…thank you Nadya

Bleee Bleee 26 posts

as Shadowlea said, an honour to be included!

Skree Skree 1 post

Thank you,love all the artwork,amazing

Firepower Firepower 22 posts

Great company, honored to be amongst them.

Beth McConnell Beth McConnell 1 post


Anna Miarczynska Anna Miarczynska 272 posts

Congratulations everyone !!!!! Thank you so much, Nadya for including my work… I’m honored :)