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Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1667 posts

Check out our awesome Sci Fi features for the week!

(You can reach the individual artists by clicking on the images)

Congrats to all on your terrific work!


Robot Pop Art by liberthine01

Klaatuw barada nikto cartoon by Michael Dodge

Mantas by tikirussy

12 by Tom Trager

Ford Skyliner Hybrid by Randy Turnbow

Night Cloak by Syd Baker

That’s No Moon by the50ftsnail

Visitor At The Door by ori-STUDFARM

Alien Eviction by Skree

King of the Rocketmen by sashakeen


Regenerate Doctor by zerobriant

Carol and Mike Werner Carol and Mike... 1036 posts

Cool selection, Nadya . . . congrats everyone!

Randy Turnbow Randy Turnbow 788 posts

Nice works, congrats all!

zerobriant zerobriant 11 posts

wow, thanks again Nadya! and congrats everybody! :D

the50ftsnail the50ftsnail 1 post

Woo! First feature! Thank you very much.

Awesome work from everyone else.

ori-STUDFARM ori-STUDFARM 4 posts

Thank you for another feature. Really appreciate it :)

Melody Hall-Fuller Melody Hall-Fu... 12 posts

Nice choices! Congrats to all!

tikirussy tikirussy 11 posts

Thanks indeed for all the support – much appreciated!