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SHOWCASE: this week's features!

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 942 posts

Features are up in the Sci Fi Group! Congrats go out to our fantastic artists of the week on their OUTSTANDING, innovative art!

Please leave comments and congrats as well; you can do that here, or click the images to reach the individual images and read the text.

(And if you haven’t done so yet, go HERE to cast your votes in both our challenges! Three Days Left!) ~Thanks! ~


Battles in Space by mdkgraphics

dalek showers by Loui Jover

Raging Steel by Redustheriotact

Cruciflamme – the Mdoitch by retepk

Intergalactic Disco by Jonah Block

Visit Pandora! by Andy Hunt

Time Wars by Fuacka

Jenna-Louise Coleman miniature by wu-wei

‘Morphic Resonator’- pencil collaborative work by serge-o-sketch

Vision Of Tremilin by xzendor7

Entity {The Walk-In} by ellamental

Time After Time by Randy Turnbow

xzendor7 xzendor7 94 posts

Thanks For Including “Vision Of Tremilin” As A Feature Nadya And Congrats To All Of The Other Artist As Well.

Randy Turnbow Randy Turnbow 870 posts

Great stuff, congrats all and thanks for the inclusion of my work!

wu-wei wu-wei 24 posts

Thanks very much for my inclusion – I’m honoured to have my little sketchcard among some very cool artwork

DasAstor DasAstor 5 posts

Love Morphic Resonator, it could be a 70s psychedelic album cover!