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Sernity 1 by cubik



Spock by respanh

BUT WAIT… there’s more! We had a 4-way tie for Star Trek! So there’s 3 more winners to announce! (We have always recognized ties in the Sci Fi Group. Some groups hold “Tie Breaker Challenges” but they’re not as simple, or as fair, as they might sound. The same people do NOT necessarily vote! Oftentimes, the first, or “main” winner, doesn’t even place! Also, back when we were doing $20 voucher challenges, the Bubble was in charge of prizes; and whenever there were ties, they sent $20 vouchers to everyone who won. In one case, seven!! Maybe this is why they discontinued vouchers. LOL! Either way, Fair is Fair so here, ALL winners win.) So here’s the rest!

Where Silence has Lease by Simon Breeze

Jeri Ryan as 7 of 9 ACEO by wu-wei

SPOCK Permission to shuffle in the shuttle Captain? by godgeeki



RUNNERS UP – Firefly!

Top row:

Cathedral of the Serenity by girardin27 ~ Serenity by victorsbeard ~ Serenity and Beyond by OneShoeOff

Middle row:

The Good, The Bad and The Shiny (Firefly / Serenity mashup) by rydrew ~ Wash by Deadmansdust ~ You Can’t Take The Sky by geekchic tees

Bottom row:

Sons of Firefly by robotrobotROBOT ~ On the Wind by heavyhand ~ Serenity Express by QueenHare


RUNNERS UP – Star Trek

top row:

TREK by geekchic tees ~ Gorn by Siegeworks ~ Patrick Stewart by Fay Helfer

bottom row:

Borg Resistance by AWESwanky ~ To boldly go……Star Trek…..the originals by Margaret Sanderson ~ Mr Spock by Gary Hogben


These were awesome challenges! Please go here to check out ALL the entries for FIREFLY, and here for Trek! Lots of Very Cool Stuff! We think it’s worth the trip!

Thanks to ALL who entered! We had a great response! And to all who voted, too!

New One Coming Soon, so watch for it!

Margaret Sanderson Margaret Sande... 154 posts

I especially love the Patrick Stewart portrait by Fay Helfer. Thanks for this great challenge Nadya, it was fun to do, even if I didn’t come close. Grrrr……

LoneAngel LoneAngel 5487 posts

stunning collection .. huge congrats everyone

DasAstor DasAstor 5 posts

They are all beautiful, and the first one is just… too much love ___

girardin27 girardin27 1 post

Congrats on the great artwork everyone!

godgeeki godgeeki 3 posts

I’ve never won a challenge before…Yay! well shared a win anyway…thanks guys!
That Patrick Stewart Portrait is most awesome I agree!!!

rydrew rydrew 1 post

Thanks for the votes and good wishes, y’all!

QueenHare QueenHare 1 post

Awesome- the winning pieces are all brilliant!