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Sci Fi (only 4 a day please!)

Classic Science Fiction ~ Sci Fi/Fantasy


Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1509 posts

Where No One Has Gone Before… the Coolest of the Cool, the Most Innovative of the Innovative and the Cleverist of Clever from the Sci Fi Group, this week!

ALL the work is Cool, Innovative and the Cleverist of Clever here, but Starfleet Regulations, and Clause 6797/b of the Shadow Proclamation, limit us to only 12: so here they are!! (And yes, we know there is no such word as “Cleverist!” But we’re Whovians – we make this up as we go along. And whether true or not, we’d like to think we do it brilliantly!)

In a word, we think these are Fantastic! ENJOY! And leave our crew a little love – add your comments and congrats! You can do that here, or click the images to reach the individual artists.


ex-ter-min-at-or by Matt Mawson

Bad Wolf-Black by zerobriant

Guardian Of Artara by Gabriel Forgottenangel

1957 by Cliff Vestergaard

The Chain I Go Get… (dark shirts) by Jackpot777

hip cyberpunk funk by Atman Victor

Doctor Who, Tegan and Turlough by Jon Pinto

Visit Mars by heavyhand

zone 391 by shadowlea

River Song by Deadmansdust

50th anniversary spoilers by jammywho21

Metalicals (Collaboration between Fuacka & Faniseto) by Fuacka

Matt Mawson Matt Mawson 258 posts

Thanks for including my work in this great collection, Nadya.

zerobriant zerobriant 11 posts

Thank you Nadya for featuring my Bad Wolf! :) you are definitely awesome and so are the works in here :D

Gabriel Forgottenangel Gabriel Forgot... 74 posts

Thank you very much and my congrats to all!

LoneAngel LoneAngel 5345 posts

stunning collection .. huge congrats everyone

Fuacka Fuacka 4 posts

Thanks for the feature :D

shadowlea shadowlea 1215 posts

congratulations to everyone and thank you Nadya