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Sci Fi (only 4 a day please!)

Classic Science Fiction ~ Sci Fi/Fantasy


Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1514 posts

To boldly go where no one’s gone before…

Once again, the Grand Unveiling of our Weekly Dozen in the Sci Fi Group!

Hope you’ll all enjoy this expedition to the farthest regions of the Cosmos, and the realm of Innovative Sci Fi! Please join us in sending your congrats to our fantastic featured artists of the week: all images are click-able and will take you to directly to the artist’s work.

Bulletin from Starfleet: in case you didn’t see the message yet, the group now has an official twitter feed! It will cover features, competitions and anything else we think you guys might like. Nimbusnaught will be running it. So if anyone has any thoughts or ideas, we would love to hear them!

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Frontier by blacknight

Daddy’s Girl by Patrick Scullin

Fly Like An Eagle by Keith Reesor

Captain Janeway by reslanh

Exolon’s exit. by faunomanchego

Star Trek by ACProsser

Behind The Mountains by Yvonne Less

Probe by KeithCowanArt

Mr. Spock by MsMrMr

Singularity by Cliff Vestergaard

Darth Phone Home by MrHSingh

Master of the Universe by Carol and Mike Werner

Carol and Mike Werner Carol and Mike... 1058 posts

Awesome work, everyone . . . big congrats!

Patrick Scullin Patrick Scullin 1 post

Great artwork everyone!

Keith Reesor Keith Reesor 803 posts

Spectacular!! Congrats to ALL! Thanks for the HONOR!! :)

blacknight blacknight 229 posts

lots of good stuff! Congratulations all!