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Latest Sci Fi Features! Jan 18

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1546 posts

Check out our newest featured artwork!

As always, we like to pick a variety of stuff… in a variety of styles… from a variety of sources in the Sci Fi Universe. Hope you’ll join us in sending your congrats and comments to our artists of the week on their outstanding work! (You can do that here, or to reach the individual artists, click the images).

Enjoy the tour! We did!


A Robot’s Best Friend by Winxamitosis

Bakoton City by Dreamscenery

Mona Serra by ideedido

Outpost on Meejo by Adrian Kent

Giant Robot by Matt Bissett-Johnson

Avalon on Rhenos by Yvonne Less

Sonic Screwdriver Ad by harebrained

Encounter at Siloss Ree – Earth by AlienVisitor

R3D3 by blacknight

Amelia Pond by TesniJade

Faberge Tech by egehlin

dr who david tennant ouside tardis oil painting by LokiLaufeysen

blacknight blacknight 231 posts

thanks for including my little robot (it’s actually part of a fractal, modified in Photoshop -lol) and congratulations to all!

adbetron adbetron 277 posts

I am pretty impressed to be a part of this lineup, thankyou! Good work to find myself amongst!

amandamakepeace amandamakepeace 31 posts

Congratulations everyone!!

yvil1 yvil1 420 posts

Well done everyone! :)

egehlin egehlin 2 posts

It’s a great honor to have my work included in this collection of wonderful creative artwork. Many thanks for your interest and support!!

TesniJade TesniJade 7 posts

So proud that my humble ‘Amelia Pond’ was featured with such talented artists and wonderful works! Thank you very much! Congrats to all!