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New Features! Nov 30

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1624 posts

Congratulations, featured artists of the week at Sci Fi!

(You can reach the individual artists by clicking on the images)

Also if you haven’t entered yet, don’t miss our current $20 challenge, Best Mash up! You can use the link to check it out!

Mining Town On Heleas II by Yvonne Less

Borg Beginnings by Randy Turnbow

Encounter in 2563 by Hugh Fathers

The Eleventh Doctor by Deadmansdust

NOT a Merry Man by Elowrey

Retro Robot #4 by Lee Twigger

The Three Dalek Kings by ToneCartoons

Landing Bay 2 by SpinningAngel

I Want To Believe (Santa) – X-FIles by robotplunger

Dalek Crush by KentZonestar

Time Traveler by Ann Morgan

Ferengi Profit by AWESwanky

Ann Morgan Ann Morgan 282 posts

Hi Nadya. It has been a while. It is nice to hear from you for a feature. I appreciate it very much.

amandamakepeace amandamakepeace 31 posts

Wonderful!! Congratulations everyone. :D

Randy Turnbow Randy Turnbow 785 posts

Awesome group Nadya, I am inspired…congrats all!

greendeer greendeer 37 posts


Peter Stratton Peter Stratton 268 posts

Great choices, Nadya. Congratulatioins, all!

Hugh Fathers Hugh Fathers 384 posts

Great selection, most pleased to be included . . .

ToneCartoons ToneCartoons 1 post

Thank you for the feature. :O)