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CHALLENGE WINNERS! Welcome Back, Doctor!

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 915 posts

Congratulations to our challenge winners, Colin Biggs and ianleino!


WHO’s WHO? – All 11 Doctors! ~ Ianleino

Fantastic work! Cooler than stetsons! Even bow-ties. (LOL!) Hope you’ll all convey congrats as well (click on the images to reach the individual artists, and/or leave your comments here!)


Nocens Lupus by Fiona Reeves
That Doctor just turns up everywhere – even the Bayeux Tapestry. (Nocens Lupus = Bad Wolf.)
Horton Sees A Dr. Who! by thehookshot

say it with flowers by Matt Mawson
A Mad Man With A Box by Paul Watts
Scooby Who by robotrobotROBOT

Dalek Side of the Moon – T shirt by Jurgen Dabeedin
The Police Box by Alex Zurita
Dalek by Gary Hogben

Please make a visit here to see the Top 10 images in fuller size and congratulate the individual artists! Also, take a couple moments out to browse through ALL the entries (61!) ~ well worth a look!

This was a great challenge! Thanks to ALL who entered, and everyone who voted too!

PopCultFanatics PopCultFanatics 153 posts

Congratulations to All