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New Features! Sept 8

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1667 posts

Congratulations, featured artists of the week on your innovative sci-fi work!


Bulletin for all you Whovians: if you haven’t entered yet, don’t miss our latest challenge, Welcome Back, Doctor! ONLY ONE DAY LEFT ~ after that, the Tardis doors will shut and you know what happens after that. So get your entries in before departure time!)


DR WHO ? by razar1

After the Melt by Cliff Vestergaard


Not the Droids You’re Looking For by KentZonestar

Calling The Neighbouring Star System by Yvonne Less

Jawa Yard Sale by MightyRain

Cosmogenesis by retepk

Ferengi Profit by AWESwanky

Cyclope Invasion by Exit Man

Solar Wave Impact at Mountains of Madness by Sazzart

Neeson’s Prodigies by zerobriant

EGGS! by TheRandomFactor

Peter Stratton Peter Stratton 268 posts

Some really ‘far out’ stuff, here! Lol Congratulations, all! :-)

zerobriant zerobriant 11 posts

thanks Nadya for the feature! :)