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CHALLENGE WINNERS! Funniest in Sci Fi!

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1590 posts

Congratulations to synaptyx, winner of the Funniest in Sci Fi Challenge!

Pic-i-nic? by synaptyx

We have to agree with you, and the voters too ~ this one really is a smiler! LOL Great work, synaptyx!

Congrats also, to our runners up!

Erm … ’scuse me … by Bleee
Unholy Coupling by TheRandomFactor
ancient by Matt Mawson

Star T-Rex by Captain RibMan
Who Let The Dogs Out by weRsNs
Use the Force by Steven Austin

That’s All, Folks! by Andy Hunt
TANGLED by helljester
Imperial Walker by Ian Summers

Visit here to congratulate the individual artists and see ALL the entries! (A whole 66! wow) This was an awesome challenge! Hope you enjoyed it as much we we did!

Thanks to EVERYONE who entered, and everyone who voted, too!

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And if you haven’t done so yet, please cast your votes in our second challenge, New Worlds/New Frontiers!

Watch this space for more!

DoodleDojo DoodleDojo 46 posts

Congratulations to Synaptyx, great design!

Styl0 Styl0 2 posts

“Hey, BooBoo! They’re abducting our pic-er-nick basket!”

Very good stuff. I wonder if they probed the ham.