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Captain's Log: WEEKLY HIGHTLIGHTS! Aug 11

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1648 posts

In this new feature, we will highlight selected works and members; these are in addition to our 12 weekly featured artists on our group home page. Why? Starfleet said we should. And twelve just aren’t enough! lol

First, we’d like to give a warm, hearty welcome to the new members of the crew! All 36 of you, since July! So “Welcome aboard!” For those of you who may have missed it on our group home page, here’s our latest member banner: feel free to use it on your gallery pages if you’d like!


SHIRTS OF THE WEEK (Mash ups/ Tribute Art)

Scooby Who by robotrobotrobot

Mos Eisley Cantina Creature Reject by Obey Zombie

Longlife and Prosper Milk by Brian Edwards

Exterminator2 by Drewwise


Sci Fi Portraits of the Week

Maya by ozjami (from the old classic, Space ~ 1999!)

Deadly Pleasures by Eozen (Pris from Bladerunner)

Captain Malcolm Reynolds by Deadmansdust (Firefly)

Funny i-phone Cover of the Week

Comical Cow Abduction by mdkgraphics


Smiler of the Week

Dartrek by Loui Jover


Card of the Week

My cat saw an abduction by the window by FMelo


Sci Fi Salute for August!

Please check out the Stormtrooper Series (Star Wars figures) ~ ~ two on-going projects by Alexander Wilson and Jordan Defty. The goal is 365 Days of Stormtrooper Antics: or as Alex describes it, “for a year, me and Jordan are taking photographs of two Stormtroopers that like to go on bite-size adventures every day. My two guys are Steve and Frank. Two loveable troopers who never choose to have a lie in, these guys are up and at it every day. Every day is a new adventure for Steve and Frank. So far, they’ve flown around with Buzz Lightyear, won a once-in-a-lifetime cruise, pondered life (quite a lot actually..), dug for buried treasure, dreamt about being rock stars, held the Olympic Torch and had a good few lightsaber duels. The list goes on and on.” He and Jordon are on Day 111. Check some samples out, below!

From Jordan ~ Check his series here

From Alex ~ Check his series here: Part 1Part 2

It may sound simple but it’s no mean feat! I know because I tried it too ~ with different figures (A Dalek, K-9 and the bots from from Mystery Science Theater 3000 ~ Tom Servo, Gypsy and Crow T. Robot). Sure. Easy! So I thought. Lots of fun, but I gave out in just a month. lol! It takes A LOT of thought, effort and imagination, not to mention plain old perseverance to stick to a daily project such as this, for so long a time. So Fezes off to both! Well… ok then, hats!

(Mine is here for all you Misties if you’re interested)


Note: We’ll be adding Sci fi Salutes on a regular basis. So if you, or someone in the group you know, has achieved something cool in the Universe of Sci Fi ~ say, publication of a story or an e-book, maybe ~ let us know so we can showcase you as well!

In general news, we have a $20 voucher challenge now in progress ~ New Worlds/New Frontiers; don’t miss out! (This one is for artwork only and focuses on Man’s expansion into space, so check the rules before you enter. No shirt designs: another one is coming soon, for those.)

Comments and suggestions welcome!
Til next time ~ ~ ~ ~ Starfleet, Out