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New Features! July 21

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1630 posts

Congratulations, artists of the week on your fantastic science fiction work!

Hope you’ll all convey congrats as well; comments are invited here but to reach the individual pages, click on the images.

(A reminder while I’m here… if you haven’t done so yet, please vote in our challenges right here! New one coming soon ~ ~ keep tuned)


Ah Chuy Kak by Gabriel Forgottenangel

Davinci Trooper by nielsrevers

Star Drive by Carol and Mike Werner

80s Doctor Who by Tim Foley

Window to the Future by AlienVisitor

Danger Will Robinson, Danger! by John Gaffen

The Derelict by SpinningAngel

Blake’s 7 -LIBERATOR by shaydeychic

Citadel by Matt Bissett-Johnson

RATS-WARS by Fuacka

Shepherd Book by Deadmansdust

Minos – Land of Cones by Yvonne Less

yvil1 yvil1 414 posts

Thank you for including my creation into this nice collection of sci-fi art! :) Well done folks!