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Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1599 posts

Please join us in sending your congrats and comments to our Featured Artists of the Week here at Sci Fi, on their fantastic work!

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You Will Be Assimilated by CountOtto

Stormtrooper Antics – Day 5: Falling with Style by Alexander Wilson

Bulba Fett by Jonah Block

space targeting by frederic levy-hadid

Linobot 55 by Rob Colvin

Stormtrooper Antics – Day 15: Police Line-Up: Part 4 by Alexander Wilson

The Face Off by Rob Colvin

Are You My Mummy? (black) by Simon Mason

Sonne by retepk

Arachno-roboto-phobia by Lyle Hatch

Spock iLogical by godgeeki

Purple Moon by Yvonne Less

Richard  Gerhard Richard Gerhard 939 posts

Very cool everyone…Congrats

yvil1 yvil1 420 posts

Great selection! Congrats to all artists! :)

Rob Colvin Rob Colvin 25 posts

Awesome work! Thanks for the inclusion!

godgeeki godgeeki 3 posts

Wonderful to be amongst such distinguished artists-I am truly honoured :)

Peter Krause Peter Krause 806 posts

Thank you for the inclusion in such a fantastic collection. Congratulations to the others.
Cheers all.

boil147 boil147 1 post

Congratulations everyone, great work!

stormageddon11 stormageddon11 1 post

All great works :)
Congrats to all! (love stormtrooper antics!)