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Feature Gallery ~ March 26 (also ~ Something New!)

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Congratulations to our featured artists of the week! There’s some awesome Classic Sci-Fi here ~ hope you’ll all convey congrats as well!

(Be sure to see a Newbie at the end… The Shirt Shelf! This will be a weekly showcase also. )

Also from the Captain’s Log… don’t miss the current $20 voucher challenge, Dark Visions, Again; 4 days left to enter, if you haven’t joined in! A new challenge will begin once the current challenge closes… watch for that as well. And check here for the update on our writing challenge. Highly recommended! Terrific art ~ terrific stuff to read!)

I know… I know… “Spock! Get to the damned point!” :)

Yes, yes, I heard you Jim! I shall!


Main Event (The Features):

Stonehenge Vistitors by Brian Towers

Exterminate! by Shane Walker

THE DAY HAS COME by Michael Beers

Lost by Peter Kennelly

Epsilon hunter by Dawid Michalczyk

Star Wars by Cliff Vestergaard

Hoverball on the red planet by retepk

she, just landed – retro scifi by gord

On a Beam of Light – Exploring New Worlds by AlienVisitor

Roswell Like UFO Crash 3 by mdkgraphics

Venus Morning by Syd Baker



Congrats to all on your outstanding work!


Now… introducing something new…

The Shirt Shelf! (fan art/ shirt designs)

Some of these are not yet featured on the group home page, officially (over there we can only do a dozen at a time;) but our gallery of cool, funny, clever shirt-designs deserves more attention than it gets ~ so we’re going to showcase some in this Category every week!

Funnies (sci fi fan and tribute art):

PERSONA PARK by radioboy

Spock Rock 2 by synaptyx

Daleks Love Stairs… by Jurgen Dabeedin

Doctor Who Mad by ixrid

Stewie Vader by tombst0ne


Portraits of the Week (sci fi fan and tribute art):

Agent Smith – The Matrix by Jon Winston

Princess Leia by debzandbex

The 10th Doctor ~ Becpuss

What’s Up Doc? by ramosecco



*Best of the Week ~ from the Shirts that have people asking, “What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” :)) Die-hards only… not everybody gets this stuff. LOL!

Dixon Hill P.I. by AWESwanky

Up your nose by MightyRain

OBEY KRYTEN by Robin Brown

Cortexiph-Aid by bananna620


Slogans of the Week: (Message at a Glance ~ Text or mostly text)

Jabba Juice by bananna620

Vote Trekkie by SevenHundred

Hello, I’m Sexy. by mrsFang

There’s no place like home ( T-Shirt ) by PopCultFanatics

Trust Your Doctor. by Sani Evans

Vote or He’ll Rip Your Arms Off by fishbiscuit

The Angels Have The Phone Box by glyphobet

I Do Not Want to Believe – Ignorance is Bliss by Rob Davies


and finally, The Groaners of the Week! :) These are the ones people look at ~ pause a second ~ then go, “… Oh~ ! I get it! Ha ha!”

Why So Sirius? by robotrobotROBOT

Han Am by mcnasty

starbuck’s coffee // BSG retro by funkypie

Red ‘N’ Dead by Iain Maynard

Storming Abbey Road by Tom Clancy


Hope you all enjoyed these cool, clever shirts! If yours isn’t here… don’t worry; you will no doubt see it in the not-too-distant future, as we’re going to make this a weekly event!

Congrats again to all on your terrific work and your continued support of the Sci Fi Group!

SevenHundred SevenHundred 2 posts

Thanks for including one of mine : )

Vote Trekkie – and live long and prosper.

PopCultFanatics PopCultFanatics 151 posts

Thank You For the feature of my no place like home shirt :)

Peter Krause Peter Krause 794 posts

Thank you very much. Tis an honour to have been included in such a wonderful collection.

MightyRain MightyRain 7 posts

Thanks for the feature!!!

robotrobotROBOT robotrobotROBOT 28 posts

Yay and thanks! :)

BlueShift BlueShift 31 posts

Thank you for featuring my Dalek Tee! :-)

danzzig danzzig 7 posts

Woooo! Thanks for featuring my Kirk tee. Loving the other designs too, awesome! LLAP!

mcnasty mcnasty 6 posts

Word up Sci-Fi dudes I am honoured to be featured in your collection.
Well done everybody

saniday saniday 1 post

Thanks a lot for featuring along with such talanted works)

Jon Winston Jon Winston 2 posts

Thanks for the feature and congrats to all.

synaptyx synaptyx 16 posts

Thanks for featuring Spock Rock, and well done fellow featured artists! :D

Becpuss Becpuss 12 posts

Sorry I’m a bit slow off the block, but thank you for featuring my 10th Doctor, and congrats to everyone else :D