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Features! March 19

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1590 posts

Congratulations, featured artists of the week!

Something old, something new …. something borrowed (as in fan art)…. something blue!

Hope you’ll all join Gal and me in conveying your congrats as well!

(And please click here to cast your vote in our writing challenge! 4 days left. Not a lot of entries… not all of us are authors, after all… but it’s cool stuff! Won’t take a lot of time; simply click on the images to read the stories, then pick your faves. I know you’ll enjoy both the artwork and the writing. And the more votes the merrier! Let’s support our writers. After all you never know… some could be famous over time and we can say “we knew them when…” )!

Also, if you haven’t entered yet don’t miss our other challenge, Dark Visions, Again. It’s the scary side of sci-fi. Lots of cool artwork coming in… but I know there’s lots more out there. And you still have time to terrify us with your creepiest of aliens, frightful other worlds and/or heinous future-visions none of us would really like to see come true!

Gallery for the Week


The Sky Bus is Late by Tom Godfrey

Something cropped up. by Brian Towers

Welcome to Machine by Cliff Vestergaard

They’re Coming by Lisa Weber

The Master by Jon Pinto

Dragon Squadron by AlienVisitor

Space Time 088 by Karl Eschenbach

More Transplanted Lands by Keith Reesor

Omega Exploration by T.D. Ruley

Advance party by retepk

Robot Fighter Fake Pulp Cover by mdkgraphics

Vendara City – Part 6 by Yvonne Less

Incredible, mind-boggling, eye-popping ~ awesome stuff by all! Congrats again!

yvil1 yvil1 418 posts

This is a GREAT collection of sci-fi art work! Happy to be a part of it!! :)

Keith Reesor Keith Reesor 804 posts

Fantastical collection!! HONORED To be a part of it!!
Congrats to all!! :)