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Sci Fi Features! Feb 5

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1667 posts

Today’s features represent a variety of science fiction types… from pulp, parody and comical to vintage, classic, philosophical and Just Plain Fun. Hope you’ll all congratulate our talented, imaginative artists on their fantastic work!

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Outpost 47. Remote base in outer space. by Carol and Mike Werner

Contemplation by Keith Reesor

Exterminate …. your washing by VenusOak

Night Shift Patrol by Yvonne Less

Angels or Aliens by saleire

Calvin: The Spiffy Spaceman by Captain RibMan

Stingerlisks’ Colony by Valentin Florea

Enigmatic smile by Matt Mawson

Maria | Chrysalis. by John Vega

Love Letter by guppyman

Hyperious Temple Ruins – Planet Ryjal by SpinningAngel

Robot Invasion From Above by mdkgraphics

saleire saleire 47 posts

Congratulations to all of you…..great works of art, every one! Thank you so much, I’m indeed honoured to be among such wonderful art. xx

Matt Mawson Matt Mawson 262 posts

Honoured to be included among this fantastic selection. Thanks!

VenusOak VenusOak 630 posts

I’m so honoured…..thank you…….I’m blown away to be among such talented company :-)

yvil1 yvil1 414 posts

Great collection! Well done folks! And thank you Nadya for including my design! :)

Keith Reesor Keith Reesor 804 posts

Out-of-this-world collection!!! Love it!!
Thank you so much for including me!! Congrats to all!! :)

guppyman guppyman 1 post

Wow! I am honored to be included with such great stuff!