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Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1604 posts

Please join us in sending your congrats to our brilliant Featured Artists of the Week here at the Sci Fi Group!

And a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, to all!

Lone Wolf by XadrikXu

Time Lord Magazine by Tom Trager

Hadara III by Yvonne Less

Space Kristmas by Matt Bissett-Johnson

Finas2 (Pre Rift) by Chester Edwards

Princess Leia by debzandbex

Jurassic Pork by markbailey74

Last thing I remember, I was running for the door… Kevin

Phil by synaptyx

Age of Steel by Lazertooth

Lazy summer afternoon on Skaro by Matt Mawson

Watchtower on Kronos by SpinningAngel

synaptyx synaptyx 16 posts

Well done, everyone! :D

yvil1 yvil1 414 posts

Thank you for including my design in this collection! :)

Chester  Edwards Chester Edwards 36 posts

Great work everyone. There’s so much talent on display in Sci Fi. Congratulations to the artists.

markbailey74 markbailey74 7 posts

thank you very much for featuring my work! it is with great pleasure that this work has been selected as it was completely processed by my 13 year old daughter! all proceeds are being saved up towards a trip to Europe in oct 2012!
there is some fantastic work on this site and i would like to congratulate all the other artists featured