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Permanent Feature Page ~ July 9

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1541 posts

Please join me in congratulating our 12 imaginative Artists of the Week on their outstanding science fiction work! No specific theme this week… but a Galaxy of Styles. Hope you’ll take a couple seconds out to leave your comments here and/or on the individual images (you can use the links).

Enjoy the show! And Huge Congrats to all!

Hit the Road, Shorty! ~ Mike Cressy

Decent of the Orphs ~ Kanaa

Primo Sux Minor Terraforming Chaos ~ Sazzart

Vincent Travels ~ Terry Lightfoot

Firesale! (The Real Estate Agent Wore a Radiation Proof Toupee/ REDUX ~ozjami

Tallis Minor ~ Full Flood ~ AlienVisitor

Megaspores Island ~ Alaskaman53

Alien Death Ray ~ Lee Twigger

Sun City ~ Bill Clark

Sulu and his Ship ~ Jerry Bennett

A Fair Chance of Rain ~ Spinning Angel

New Cylon Generation ~ Hiragraphic

alaskaman53 alaskaman53 87 posts

Congrratulations to every “Feature” membrr on this page;it’s not easy to start with a dig. pic…either to stop with it.

Thanks to Nadya for all the work as host.

rich….Belgium (alaskaman53)

Sazzart Sazzart 1120 posts

Congratulations to all the terrific features!

Norma Jean Lipert Norma Jean Lipert 135 posts


virgosun virgosun 652 posts

Brilliant features! Congrats everyone :D

ozjami ozjami 28 posts

Sweet !!!

SpinningAngel SpinningAngel 59 posts

Amazing artwork – congrats to everyone! I am delighted to be included amongst them – thanks so much ! :-)

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4967 posts

Very well done work, congrat’s everyone!

Hiragraphic Hiragraphic 11 posts

Congrats to the other featured artist! and thanks a lot to feature mine here

Jerry Bennett Jerry Bennett 1 post

How exciting! Very honored to be featured among such excellent pieces! Congrats to all the artists!

Kanaa Kanaa 2 posts

Awesome collection of entries! Congrats to all, delighted to be here included among such talents!
Live long and prosper!