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The Challenge

~ Science Fiction Smilers! ~

This challenge is for funny sci-fi ~ ~ NOT Dr. Who! That’s because we have a marathon in progress honoring the Anniversary of the show, including one for Funny Dr. Who specifically, right here. Fair is fair. This one is for everybody else!

Shirt Designs and Artwork both invited; enter something sure to bring a smile to your fellow sci-fi fans! Entries can be based on any series, movie, show, book, (except Dr. Who) or, can be generic science fiction (original). This includes cartoons, parodies, funny comics, funny drawings, mash-ups… in general, stuff designed to make us laugh, whether wearable or hangable.

(Material from Dr. Who will be accepted IF it’s a mash-up; in other words, if you’ve combined it with another science fiction source, such as Trek or any other.)

No i-phone covers, please. If you have an i-phone cover you would like to use, re-submit it as a shirt or print. Otherwise, they’re too small to feature very well.

Do be sure your artwork shows a high degree of originality, and that you created it yourself. Material directly from TV or copyrighted photographs or websites is against our rules and will not qualify.

All group requirements apply. So keep it tasteful, please! Anything we deem not in keeping with our rules or the spirit of the group will be removed. And if referring to a series, movie, game or show, please make mention of it under your description. More than likely, everybody recognizes Trek or Star Wars, but not everybody (even us) recognizes every science fiction show or movie ever seen! And if your submission is a mash-up, be sure one element is really sci-fi. In other words, you might combine Firefly with Breaking Bad or Trek with Sherlock Holmes; but neither Breaking Bad nor Sherlock Holmes are sci-fi, in themselves. And if we don’t see science fiction in your entry, it won’’t qualify.

We are looking forward to some smilers! Hope you’ll have a lot of fun with this!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for more than one. Base your votes on artistic excellence, innovation, creativity and most of all the Smile Factor!

As always, No Soliciting of Votes. Any member caught padding the ballot box either via Bubblemail, Facebook, or any other venue will have their work removed. So play fair! Let the artwork win on merit, not your popularity.

VOTES are IMPORTANT! If you enter, please participate!

Rewards & Prizes

In addition to the pride of winning and the recognition, Winner gets a winner’s banner, special mention on our Group Home Page and a permanent feature in our Forum. He or she will also be among our Featured Artists in the group. Either way… exposure, exposure, exposure! And the more the merrier, on that!

Also, one of us will buy the winning work! Whether shirt or sticker, whether print or card… frankly that depends on the budget (!) but either way the winner makes a sale!

Ties are recognized so if we have more than one, all winners win in turn!

If we have more than 20 entries we will recognize the Top 10. (who also get a banner and a place of honor on our Winners Page). All winners will be featured officially as well, over time

Additional Information

Older work is fine… newer work is better yet!

Please be sure your entry is accepted in the group by voting time!

Cover Image: Not the Droids You're Looking For by KentZonestar


The Top Ten

The Away Team by RiverbyNight

The Away Team by RiverbyNight was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 4 votes.

  • Robots Ballet by Syd Baker
  • Low Flying Spacecraft by DoodleDojo
  • Alien's Adventure (5236 Views) by aldona
  • Atomic pizza by Riko2us
  • Cthulhu On A Bicycle by Ellen Marcus
  • Android Paranoia by Paulychilds
  • don't panic by greendeer
  • Marvin by Steve Harvey
  • What are you looking at? by venitakidwai1

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