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The Challenge

~ To Boldly Go! ~

Star Trek made its Grand Debut on Sept. 8, 1966; so in honor of the 47th Anniversary what else could we do this week at Sci Fi, but a TREK ONLY challenge!?

Artwork, shirt-designs and portraiture invited!

Please be sure your entries are creative and original, NOT lifted straight from photos, stills or other copyrighted sources!

Please be sure they’re based on Star Trek and respect the spirit of the Trek Phenomenon. Anything we deem unsuitable, offensive, or which fails to comply with the challenge theme or group requirements, will not qualify and such material will be removed.

All mediums are welcome ~ drawings, paintings, Bryce, Photoshop, etc. As always, artwork must comply with our rules and guidelines (see our group home page for more on that).

Trek of any vintage is acceptable, from the Good Old Classics to the latest movies and all in between.

You know who you are, fellow Trekkers so there’s not much more to say… except “Make It So!” Hope you’ll have some fun with this!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for more than one. Base your votes on content, artistic excellence, innovation, creativity and most of all the Trek Factor!

As always, No Soliciting of Votes. Any member caught padding the ballot box either via Bubblemail, Facebook, or any other venue will have their work removed. So play fair! Let the artwork win on merit, not your popularity.

VOTES are IMPORTANT! If you enter, please participate!

Rewards & Prizes

In addition to the pride of winning and the recognition, Winner gets a winner’s banner, special mention on our Group Home Page and a permanent feature in our Forum. He or she will also be among our Featured Artists in the group. Either way… exposure, exposure, exposure! And the more the merrier, on that!

Ties are recognized so if we have more than one, all winners win in turn!

If we have more than 20 entries we will recognize the Top 10. Less than that, and we will recognize the Top 5 (who also get a banner and a place of honor on our Winners Page). All winners will be featured officially as well, over time.

Additional Information

Please be sure your entry is accepted in the group by voting time!

Again, STAR TREK ONLY. And be sure your work adheres to the challenge theme and group requirements.

For all you Die-Hards, old or new, a little reading here you may enjoy, from

(Cover image taken from a vintage Marvel Comic in my own collection… “that’s affirmative. I’ve been a Trekker longer than I care to tell you, Jim!.” lol)

We’re looking forward to some awesome entries!


Cover Image: Uhura by Megan Cary


The Top Ten

Uhura by Megan Cary

Uhura by Megan Cary was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 8 votes.

  • Star Trek The Original Series typography (yellow) by renduh
  • Star Trek Into Darkness: KHAN by nero749
  • to boldly go by jessikamr
  • Man Or Machine by Paulychilds
  • To boldly go......Star Trek.....the originals by Margaret Sanderson
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before by scoop314
  • Nyota Uhura by Melody Hall-Fuller
  • Everyone's Favorite Vulcan- Spock by Alex Mathews
  • Spuds, The Final Frontier by Randy Turnbow

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