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Classic Science Fiction ~ Sci Fi/Fantasy

Golden Age of Sci Fi

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The Challenge

~ Pulp Fiction Style! ~

This challenge is for science fiction artwork done IN THE STYLE of the Classic Sci Fi Mags ~ Astounding Science Fiction, Galaxy, Fantastic Adventures, Super Science Fiction, Wonder Stories and the like, some of which are pictured in our cover-shot.

We’re not looking for copies (and those won’t qualify!) We’re looking for your own work designed in the 20’s/30’s/40’s/ 50’s style now referred to over all as “Sci Fi Pulp.”

For some inspiration, try this link. There are pages and pages, all real. But again, don’t COPY! Take your cues and inspiration, then create your own originals.

NO TRIBUTE ART for this one! ie., No Trek, No Dr. Who, No Firefly, etc. All entries must be YOURS both in concept and in execution. (This does not mean you can’t use stock images! But please give credit where it’s due ~ and again, don’t feature tribute art. The finished work should be uniquely yours, not a copy or parody of something from the movies or tv).

Prints Invited ~ so are shirts. NO i-phone covers, please!

So take us back to the Golden Era of the genre! Hope you’ll have a lot of fun with this.

(Keep in mind, any entries failing to comply with our challenge theme, challenge rules or the Group Requirements are subject to removal).

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for more than one. Pick the Most Amazing, based on quality of artwork, imagination and originality.

There have not been lots of votes in recent challenges. This is discouraging to hosts and members alike – so if you enter, PLEASE VOTE! Reminders will be sent if possible.

As always, No Soliciting of Votes. Any member caught padding the ballot box either via Bubblemail, Facebook or any other venue, will have their work removed. Let the entries win on merit, not popularity!

Rewards & Prizes

In addition to the Bragging Rights, over-all Acclaim (and warm fuzzy feeling when you win), Winner gets a Winners’ Banner and a feature on our Group Home Page as well as a Presentation in our Forum. Winner also gets inducted to our Hall of Fame (Featured Artists!)

Runners up (Top 10) also get a banner and a mention in our Forum.

Additional Information

Please be sure your entry’s in the group by voting time!

Again, all entries not compliant with our challenge theme, challenge rules or group requirements will be removed at the discretion of the hosts.

Cover Image: welcome in 2012 by JCcorp


The Top Ten

welcome in 2012 by JCcorp

welcome in 2012 by JCcorp was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 7 votes.

  • Trip to Planet X by blacknight
  • desert vision by shadowlea
  • Fifty Shades of Gun Metal Grey by ori-STUDFARM
  • Different Drummer Episode IV by Syd Baker
  • DANGER ! Laser Beams by MuscularTeeth

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