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Nerdiest Doctor Who Shirt

This challenge closed almost 4 years ago.

The Challenge

Whilst the Best Shirt competition focuses on the best overall design for a shirt, this is more about the nerd factor.Perhaps stuff not as obviously Doctor Who such as jokes and quotes from the show or less obvious characters.

Stuff that only true fans will understand.

ALL ENTRIES FOR THIS CHALLENGE MUST BE SHIRT DESIGNS! No i-pod covers, no straight art or photos. So when you upload your image be sure to do it under Clothing and stickers, not Prints, Cards & Posters! We have a separate challenge just for ART from Dr. Who,

Keep your entry appropriate- nothing that The Doctor would disapprove of!

All styles are welcome but an entry must be accepted into the group prior to submission.

Serious, funny… whatever you like provided that is not offensive. If such designs do somehow slip into the group then please report them to a host who will review their suitability.

The overall quality of the design is still highly important.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Try to vote based on the ingenuity of the idea.
As mentioned previously, please consider the general quality of the design in addition to its nerdiness.

As always, play fair! No padding of the ballot box! Anyone caught soliciting for votes via Bubblemail, Facebook or any other venue, will be disqualified and their entry removed.

Rewards & Prizes

One or both of the judges will buy your design if it wins by 8 votes or more!
Winners will get features, special mentions and a winners banner.
The runner ups from the top 10 will also get mentions, features and a runner up banner.
There are also limitless bragging rights and it’ll look good on your profile. ;)

Additional Information

Have fun with it! It’s not worth stressing over.

Play nicely guys. Do not offer any criticism of others’ work unless it’s constructive.

Obviously soliciting votes etc will not be tolerated. If you witness this then please report it to a host.

Cover Image: Would You Like A Jelly Baby? by renduh


The Top Ten

Swiss Doctor Knife by ofthebaltic

Swiss Doctor Knife by ofthebaltic was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

  • Would You Like A Jelly Baby? by renduh
  • Doctor Unchained by tombst0ne
  • Evil Snow by DoodleDojo
  • shirt of rassilon -gold by jammywho21
  • Dr Who - Welcome to Gallifrey by dgoring
  • INK-TER-MIN-ATE! by MightyRain
  • Snog Box by GingerJohn
  • The Whos Crossing the Delaware by Jesse Rubenfeld
  • I never know how... by tjhiphop

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