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Dark Visions, Again ($20 voucher)

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The Challenge

Your most terrifying sci fi!

We’ve done the funny side of Sci-Fi… now let’s brave an expedition through the Dark! (The title is a take on Harlan Ellison’s “Dangerous Visions, Again” which would also fit).

We did a challenge much like this before, yes. But that was “long ago in a galaxy far away.” Lots of new members now, lots of brand new artwork ~ so it’s time to press the button on the Way Back Machine and have another go!

It’s been said there are 3 types of science fiction:

1). "I wish… " (These are story-lines plucked from the Impossible like Dr. Who Time travel… ok, the possibility exists. Traveling in a big blue box ~ ? Not too likely, even though we’d like it to be true!)

2). “I hope…” (These are stories which explore our brightest visions for the future and are far more plausible, like Star Trek).

3). “I hope NOT…!”

It’s the 3rd category we’re exploring here: stories which explore our darkest & most terrifying visions of the Universe: hell-worlds, evil aliens, Doomsday Scenarios, bleak futures we don’t want to even contemplate! (Forget the Friendly Cosmos! ET doesn’t ride a bicycle; he, or It, is more like what we saw in Aliens.)

So enter your most frightening, terrifying stuff!

All media accepted. All entries must be SCI FI, not high fantasy ~ not pure Goth. If you “must” portray a dragon, bring it from another world or Alternate Reality; leave the unicorns, the swords, the sorcery, the knights and all the damsels in distress to groups that feature Fantasy! The same is true of zombies, vampires, werewolves and all other loathesome creatures of the night: sometimes they fall into the sci fi category, sometimes not. So if you favor Goth, please be sure it has a sci-fi slant!

The line may be thin, but Hosts reserve the right to make the judgments.

Tribute art ok but the art itself must be original. Shirt designs will qualify as well provided they’re on theme with the challenge and the group.

Also, Text and titles count! If you’re showing us a scary planet, please don’t call it “My Experiment in Bryce.” Sure, we’re interested in how you did your art; but the prime ingredient in sci-fi is IMAGINATION! Tell us what the planet’s called, tell us what it’s like. You don’t have to tell us the entire story (even though we’d love it if you did!)… but be sure your work at least “suggests” a science fiction setting and/or plot.

Does the thought that your vision might be true one day or that it exists at all, scare you half to death?? If yes to the above ~ it’s probably perfect for this challenge!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Base your choices on sci-fi appeal, creativity, uniqueness, artistic merit, visual appeal and how well you think it fits the theme of the challenge. You may vote for more than one.

No Soliciting of Votes, please! Any member caught padding the ballot box either via Facebook or Bubblemail, will have their work removed and also be deleted from the group. It may sound harsh but soliciting for votes is FRAUD, especially when monetary prizes are involved.

Rewards & Prizes

The winner will receive a $20 voucher from the Bubble, as well as a banner and be show-cased on our Group Home Page.

In the event of a tie for 1st Place, both winners will be honored in accord with Bubble policy.

Runners up also get a banner and a mention. If we have more than 25 entries this will be the Top 10. If less, we will recognize the Top 5.

Additional Information

Work must be accepted in the group to qualify. Be sure your work adheres to the focus of the challenge and the group; all entries deemed otherwise will be removed at the discretion of the hosts.

We’re looking forward to some super innovative, downright scary science fiction art!

Thanks to Karl David Hill for our cover image, “Ferryman of the River Styx.”

Cover Image: ferryman of the river styx by Karl David Hill


The Top Ten

steam powered skull by tinncity

steam powered skull by tinncity was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 6 votes.

  • Conspiracy by Carol and Mike Werner
  • skuttle by greg ottlinger
  • Destruction by LoneAngel
  • Assassin by houk
  • Hollow Man by billyboy
  • Beast of Budabliss by Seth  Weaver
  • The Ripper by John Ryan
  • Dr Who Villains No. 2: The Weeping Angel (Flesh&Stone) by debzandbex
  • ferryman of the river styx by Karl David Hill

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