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The Great Experiment (Writing) !

This challenge closed about 5 years ago.

The Challenge

Illustrated Sci Fi Stories

As the title says, this is an Experiment. The site is not set up for Writing Challenges per se, so all writing for this challenge must be under your Description ~ in the Text section ~ for your art!.

Up to now the Sci Fi Group hasn’t focused much on writing. But for all you authors out there, this will be your chance! If we get a good response, we will do more writing challenges.

The rules:

No T-shirts, no i-phone covers, please! Choose some cool science fiction art (your own, of course) and write a story ~ OR,

~ part of a story ~

~ a synopsis of your story ~

~ a sample chapter from your story ~

~ your IDEA for a story (or a movie, or a series on tv)

~ your idea for the SETTING ~

~ ideas for your basic CHARACTERS ~

The work need not be long, although it can be: it should be long enough to give the readers some idea where you’re coming from (more than just a single sentence)!

The story should be YOURS, not something taken from a novel, movie or a tv series done by someone else! The focus here is on ORIGINALITY.

All Stories and/or parts of stories must be SCIENCE FICTION, to qualify!

No Classic Fantasy (dragons, unicorns, etc)

No Horror, No Goth (vampires, zombies, etc.)!

No Fan or Tribute work for this one! If you have some ideas on an episode for Star Trek, Dr. Who or any other known series, why not re-name the characters, give it a spin of your own and introduce something more original? If your work “reminds” us just a bit of something else, ok: but using their characters or spaceships (or timeships) constitutes copyright infringement, so please limit your submissions to your own imagination and material!

Remember, true Sci Fi is based on SCIENTIFIC POSSIBILITIES, whether proven, theoretical, or only dreamed about for now. Please see our Home Page for more on what the group accepts.

Remember too, FICTION has to be involved! No esoteric writing not immediately recognized as sci fi, no rambling poetry, no pure commentary on the world or state of the world.

(If your story isn’t quite developed yet, that’s ok ~ submit your idea as it stands or a portion of your story, as mentioned above. But you should have a PLOT in mind, a main character, a locale, and a science fiction theme … whether it’s about the future, another planet, space-travel, time travel, aliens, etc.)

As for style, that’s up to you! Funny stories ~ dark stories ~ scary stories ~ space opera ~ high adventure ~ even sci fi romance ~ all venues welcome if they qualify!

Judging / Voting Criteria

CLICK the images to READ the text! This is a writing challenge, so it’s only fair! Don’t base your choices only on the art!!!

You may vote for more than one. Pick the best STORIES (or portions thereof) ~ the ones that pique your interest and make you want to read the book! Or see the movie… either way.

As always, no soliciting for votes! Let the writing win on merit, not popularity!

Rewards & Prizes

Winner gets their own Special Feature Page which in turn, will introduce our Featured WRITERS group here at Sci-Fi! Also, a Winning WRITERS banner and a mention on our group home page.

If we have more than 25 entries we will recognize the Top 10. If less, it will be the Top 5.

In event of a tie, everyone in First Place will have equal recognition.

Additional Information

Please be sure your entry’s in the group!

Please be sure to submit your writing AS DESCRIPTION for your art!!! Not under Writing! You can put it there as well, but it won’t work for challenges.

Any work deemed unsuitable, or which does not adhere to the theme of the challenge and the rules of the group, will be removed before the voting starts.

This is New Territory… so if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to write and ask! This challenge opens right away and will go for 3 full weeks to give everybody time to don their thinking caps!

We’re looking forward to your some really cool ideas, far-out stories, awesome characters and far-flung plots! To coin the usual phrase… “Make it so!”

Please read the text in the cover image!

Cover Image: So ...You Think You Want to Join the Academy? by Nadya Johnson


The Top Ten

Hint Of Rose by Syd Baker

Hint Of Rose by Syd Baker was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

  • Randahl's Departure by Chester  Edwards
  • Isle of Wanderers by Hannah Joy Patterson
  • Starship " Limitless Journey ". by AlienVisitor
  • The tunnel . . . Part 2.   by Carol and Mike Werner
  • What Measures Will You Take?  by AnimiDawn

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