Land of Living Skies - A showcase of various photos taken within this great province of Saskatchewan, Canada

Recent Work

  • Country Birdhouse by Angela E.L. Clements
  • Trail to Our Cabin, April 16 2014 by MaeBelle
  • Reflective, Dauphin in The Sky by MaeBelle
  • Treed In,Road Blocked.  Beauty and Beast by MaeBelle
  • Sunset on Granite Lake,NE Sask,Canada by MaeBelle
  • Glorious Light by MaeBelle
  • Old Farmstead by MaeBelle
  • Weston Dressler - Saskatchewan Roughriders by Angela E.L. Clements
  • Frosty Prairie Sunrise by Tjfarthing
  • Lights in the Playground by Bruce Guenter
  • The Cathedral and the City by Bruce Guenter
  • Backlighting the old bridge by Bruce Guenter

About This Group

“Land of Living Skies”

Sure there are other groups out there that cover prairie landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, wildlife, etc. This group is to showcase various photos taken within this great province of Saskatchewan, Canada. I would hope the photos would be as diverse as the province is itself. They can range from wildlife, to landscape, to cityscape, to people or even culture. I want you to show everyone how you see Saskatchewan through the lens.

Being from Saskatchewan, I have grown to love absolutely everything about this fine province. Even the slogan “Land of Living Skies” has great appeal. I am hoping that this group will be a selling feature for Saskatchewan and help to showcase some of Saskatchewan’s photographers.

Work added to larger groups should allow your work to be viewed by a larger audience. However, I find that with the thousands of pieces of work added to these groups can cause your work to be lost in the shuffle. This group will help to bring your work closer to the people viewing it.

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