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Russian Speaking Art

Featuring the best of Visual Art in Russian-speaking tradition all over the world. Art that is speaking the same visual language and it is "Russian". Art that represents a specific mentality - that of a Russian spirit.

Only the Best - features for the week ending January 20, 2013

LudaNayvelt LudaNayvelt 711 posts

Sorry guys , I been away and busy. Look like Vitta established new format for features, while she was in charge. But I think we should come back to beautiful display to enjoy the gallery. I found many brilliant work, so congratulation to all who been featured today and enjoy new gallery.

Led Zeppelin Jimi Page and Robert Plant by Yuriy Shevchuk

How about this? by Nikolay Semyonov ____________________________ Golden Basset. by Vitta

Bouquet and umbrella by mrivserg

White Trees by Igor Zenin

Santa Claus by mrivserg _______________ Balance of the Soul surreal black and white pen ink drawing by Vitaliy Gonikman

Namaste by Tania Vasylenko

Chocolat by Yelena Rozov

Red Apples by Igor Zenin

“Tribal voice” by Tatjana Larina

Zebra and Mime pen, ink, and colored pencils drawing

George Petrovsky George Petrovsky 88 posts

A great selection, Luda! Welcome back. We certainly have very talented artists in our group – congratulations to all those selected and featured! :)george

Vitta Vitta 1009 posts

A great Features!!! Thank you so very much for Featuring my work!!! Congratulations to all Featured Artists!!!