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Russian Speaking Art

Featuring the best of Visual Art in Russian-speaking tradition all over the world. Art that is speaking the same visual language and it is "Russian". Art that represents a specific mentality - that of a Russian spirit.

Features "Здесь русский дух, здесь Русью пахнет..."

LudaNayvelt LudaNayvelt 685 posts

All features are about being Russian. Congratulation to all who been featured today

View at the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia by vadim19

Russian Wood Art by karina5

Farewell With Homeland / 1988 / oil, pencil on paper by Ivan KRUTOYAROV

RedBubble à la russe by andreisky

Russian doll by Elena Malec_________________________________Read Pushkin! by Nella Khanis

Vitaliy Gonikman
Captain colored pencils drawing by Vitaliy Gonikman

Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Chris Lord

Still life with a Star Fish by Tania Vasylenko_____Treatment of Spring Avitaminosis / 2011 / Oil on canvas by Ivan KRUTOYAROV

Kremlin. Red Square. by Irina Chuckowree

George Petrovsky George Petrovsky 80 posts

Congratulations to all our talented Featured Artists, showing their great versatility. I’m happy to report that I have one of Andei’s T-Shirts, as shown here! :)george

andreisky andreisky 248 posts

Many congrats to all wonderful artists!

Vitta Vitta 917 posts

Congratulations to all Featured Artists!!!

Irina Chuckowree Irina Chuckowree 313 posts

fantastic selection!
congratulations to all featured artists!

Chris Lord Chris Lord 672 posts

Congratulations to all and my humble thanks for the honor of having my image included in this delightful collection. I’m very grateful Luda, cheers.