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IPA -International Photographers Alliance

This is a group for photographers and graphic artists who are either currently available to undertake commissioned work, or those who feel they are ready and able, or aspire to be shortly.


  • Flower Power by Anthony Hedger Photography
  • Praying Mantis by Macky
  • Been Fishing by Geoff Carpenter
  • Varkari #3 by Prasad
  • L'il Pickpocket #2 by Laurie Minor
  • Fine Feathered............. by Macky
  • Good Morning World by Cat Perkinton
  • Back Streets of Varanasi, India by toby snelgrove  IPA
  • Varkari #2 by Prasad
  • Sparrow Hawk on kill by Geoff Carpenter
  • Icy Apparitions  by Laurie Minor
  • Whaddya mean it's not for sitting on?? by Ell-on-Wheels
  • bambo river  by Amagoia  Akarregi
  • Varkari ( Revisited ) by Prasad
  • Twilight Moon by Prasad
  • Stairwell #1 by Prasad
  • Thorns by Laurie Minor
  • Lights, Camera Action - Sydney In Black & White - The HDR Experience by Philip Johnson