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Critiques Please (and Thank you!)

sigfusson sigfusson 64 posts

Would any of the members be so kind as to offer me a critique of this image Sunset at Whytecliff Park. Your thoughts are most appreciated. Cheers, Sandra

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The composition is good. I like the angle of the tree and the repeat of the angle in the figures to the left of the tree. I think the reflections of the sun in the water is too strong and distracting. You could select the area where the trunk of the tree meets the ground and using levels tone in down.

sigfusson sigfusson 64 posts

Thanks very much for the suggestion and taking the time to critique! One of the things I do like about this image is that it needed not “touching up” before I added this image to Redbubble and various other photosharing sites – this is straight from the camera (rare for me). Coincidentally, I’ve also been asked if I photoshopped in the the reflection because it’s too perfect. LOL… I guess that leaves me just where it is – untouched. Cheers, S.