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This is a group for photographers and graphic artists who are either currently available to undertake commissioned work, or those who feel they are ready and able, or aspire to be shortly.

New ideas for limits etc

janpiller janpiller 6238 posts

I hate looking through pages and pages of images so I think your new ideas are right on.

jlynn jlynn 27 posts

I love the ideas,, all of them!:)

SylviaHardy SylviaHardy 13 posts

They are excellent and well thought out suggestions :-))

lpm1471 lpm1471 37 posts

Alot of thought has gone into this and you have my full backing and support.

Kofoed Kofoed 49 posts

You have my full back-up and support. I think your thoughts are great.

Geraldine Lefoe Geraldine Lefoe 36 posts

Sounds like you have come up with some creative solutions congratulations, lead on

Rosina  Lamberti Rosina Lamberti 1275 posts

you have my support


Mark German Mark German 5225 posts

Recent group mail was very encouraging, and I think will bring good will to the group.
Particularly like the rotational gallery.

Rosalie Dale Rosalie Dale 300 posts

Kudos to the hosts for being willing to expend the amount of time and energy it will take to implement these initiatives – you have my support.

GailD GailD 225 posts

Sounds good to me.

Mark Moskvitch Mark Moskvitch 47 posts

The new format sounds excellent to me…..congratulations to the hosts on taking a fresh approach.

Keeli Keeli 1247 posts

Looking forward to seeing these changes put into action ;-)


Your new format suggestions allow the original ideas of the group to progress without unnecessary beaurocratic intervention and I congratulate you on your efforts .
Regards Phil.

Michele Duncan IPA Michele Duncan... 6 posts

I think that all of the hosts are doing a wonderful job as well as updating. The idea of reducing the pages of work would be beneficial to all members of the group. Bravo! MIchele

AlisonJohnston AlisonJohnston 7673 posts

Sounds like some good ideas to me as well. Just a pity that the whole process couldn’t be automated in some way i.e. once each member reaches the 3 image limit, the next upload automatically removes the first uploaded image.

nannajul nannajul 4217 posts

Sounds good to me, and of course, the new group main page layout will make it even more interesting and easy for art to be rotated as well now. Well done

KarenM KarenM 24 posts

Excellent ideas – totally behind you. Good luck

photogenique photogenique 68 posts

Thanks for the BMail and BIG THANKS for all you’re doing with the group. I wasn’t aware of the recent problems.

  • reduce the image limit to 3 images per member* – YES, good idea.

rotate the gallery ….. remove images – NO, if you are limiting it to 3 images per member, there is no need to delete images each month. members can rotate there own images by deleting previous images and adding their new ones. Dumping images older than one month may be counter-productive because members will be spending time each month having to upload new stuff and not everyone has the time to do that.

competition and masters gallery – YES, Good idea and nicely different.

co-host privileges – YES/NO – should be optional because if you are already Hosting/co-hosting other groups you might not have time to do any more.

efikim efikim 815 posts

reduce image limit – yes, too many just means the last pages hardly ever get viewed.

rotate gallery – theres some benefit to this (inactive members disappear from the gallery)

competition + masters gallery – good idea, though I’d go for ten rather than 20 images.

co-host privileges – not in favour of this as there’s no reason why the best photographers would necessarily be the best hosts.