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Challenge Winners - Rose Masquerade - July $20 RB voucher

Jane Neill-Hancock Jane Neill-Han... 4910 posts

Hello Rose Lovers:

Our July voucher challenge ended 2 hours ago. We have two winners that will get the $20 RB voucher.

our two winners, both with 5 votes are:

1] strawberry rose by lensbaby
What an amazing image this is! It indeed looks like a strawberry and really captured the idea of the challenge!
great work!

2] Dried Peony Still Life by Sandra Foster
Another great image, and a twist on the masquerade theme. Instead of a Rose or Roses masquerading, Sandra chose to show peonies which have been mistaken for roses! I was even one of those who thought these were roses initially!

Congratulations to our two winners! Completely different takes on the masquerade theme and both equally marvelous!

We had 18 entries and I want to thank everyone who participated and met the criteria of the challenge. great entries and really diverse examples of masquerade for sure.

the rest of the top ten are as follows

3] The Artichoke Rose by bubblehex08

4] The Chameleon Minature Rose. Or is it an Azalea? by Rita Blom

5] Celebration: (Like a head of cabbage) by AuntDot

*6] Whirlpool in Pink by Pat Yager
The lovely center of a Just Joey rose. It reminds me so much of my Light Pink Begonia which is here on my profile – they resemble each other to quite an extent.

7] Carnation Pretty? ~ Pretty Rose! by SummerJade

8] “Peony Pretence …” by Rosehaven

9] Floating on a Reflection. by Gabrielle Hope
This to me resembles a Water Lily.

10] Sweet Pink Rose Bud or Sweet Pink Tulip by abbigail

Congratulations to our winners – and I want to thank everyone for joining in the fun of the masquerade!

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet

William Shakespeare ~ Romeo and Juliet

Rocksygal52 Rocksygal52 1456 posts

Congratulations to the Top Ten Winners, beautiful work.

Cheers Jude x

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8785 posts

Congratulations to all!

Sandra Foster Sandra Foster 1928 posts

Congratulations to all on such great submissions. Thanks for the votes on my Dried Peony Still Life: Thanks also to the Group Host(s) for all you do in this awesome Group.

Rita Blom Rita Blom 3288 posts

Congratulations to the two winners great pics. Congratulations to the Top Ten and Thank you to the 3 voters who put me in there.

lensbaby lensbaby 805 posts

Oh, thank you so much to all those who voted for my photo! :)
Congratulations to my fellow winner, Sandra!
Congratulations to all the other Top 10 winners!!!

Sandra Foster Sandra Foster 1928 posts

Thank you Lensbaby – Congrats again to you as fellow winner!