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Roses Grow on You!( *2 images per Day* ROSES ONLY !!) all media

A group for all images displaying Roses in all their beauty and elegance! Photography, digital paintings, paintings.

Challenge Winners - My Life With Roses - A Rose or Roses in a Vase, Bottle or Glass

Jane Neill-Hancock Jane Neill-Han... 4699 posts

Hello Rosy Enthusiasts:

Well, I had this whole message set up, ready to go, hit preview last night and my screen went blank. This happens when I have been Red Bubbling a long time because it takes up SO much memory and space…. and I was TOO tired last night to redo the whole thing again. Sorry I am a day late but hopefully you all are OK with that.

This was a lovely challenge – we had 21 entries. Thanks for all who participated in the challenge.

the winner with 7 votes was
1] Pastel Roses by Elaine Teague
Lovely image Elaine – very ethereal and soft

2] I miss you… by Megan Noble – 4 votes
Lovely tribute to your mom Megan…

3] Pink Vase by stellaclay – 3 votes

4] Best Wishes by orko – 2 votes

5] the shadow of a rose by lensbaby – 2 votes

6] Rose Time by Lozzar Flowers & Art – 2 votes

7] Cheering up the Blues by peterrobinsonjr – 2 votes

8] Jam Jar Roses by Sandra Foster – 2 votes

9] Anniversary Roses by AuntDot – 2 votes

10] A Rose ~ In the Light of Early Morn by SummerJade- 2 votes

Congrats to our winners. Always happy to see some new names in the list – nice to spread around the joy of the win, right? Wonderful images – I would love having any of these on my table!

take time to smell the roses – have a great week.

lensbaby lensbaby 810 posts

Congratulations Elaine!!!
Congrats to the other Top 10 winners!!! I’m so honored to be among you!!!
Thanks to all those who voted for my photo!!!

AuntDot AuntDot 5428 posts

Congratulations to Elaine for winning this challenge. So pleased to be among the top ten! Congratulations to the other runners-up as well!

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8890 posts

Congratulations to all!

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 17545 posts

Congratulations to Elaine and all the fine runners-up!

Sandra Foster Sandra Foster 1847 posts

Congratulations Elaine and to others on such beautiful work. Thanks for the votes on my Jam Jar Roses

Ana Belaj Ana Belaj 5905 posts

Congratulations to everyone!!!