Roses Grow on You!( *2 images per Day* ROSES ONLY !!) all media

A group for all images displaying Roses in all their beauty and elegance! Photography, digital paintings, paintings.

Recent Work

  • Beautiful Rose in Orange and Coffee  by Joy Watson
  • Pink Roses in Pinjarra by kalaryder
  • red rose by Jagged-designs
  • Stylised Climbing Roses by CarolineLembke
  • Happy Mother's Day Rose by Joy Watson
  • After a raining night by Brian Bo Mei
  • Dreamy by Lozzar Flowers & Art
  • Mass of Tiny Yellow Tiny Roses...... Dorset UK by lynn carter
  • Pink reflection by Jagged-designs
  • A Wish for Peace and Prosperity by Annie Adkins
  • Happy Mothers Day - Pink Roses by lizdomett
  • Thank you by Jan Stead JEMproductions

About This Group

This group is for all images of roses of all shapes, sizes and colors!!
but ONLY ROSES or roses wth other flowers. A rose or roses MUST be in the image.

As of 17-July-2016 we WILL accept Rose of Sharon images. A Rose of Sharon is NOT a rose, but historically the reference and type of flower is in question, and it is a unique and beautiful flower and has “Rose” in its name so we WILL accept it. the Rose of Sharon presently is a type of Hibiscus. In the Bible it is referenced and it is believed to be some kind of a Hebrew crocus or tulip. It has also been suggested that the Rose of Sharon is actually the Madonna lily, a species of lily suggested by some botanists, though likely in reference to the lilies of the valley mentioned in the second part of Song of Solomon 2:1. HOWEVER one reference says it is a ROSE – so since there is a mixture of opinions – we will allow the Rose of Sharon to be added to our “Rose” consideration.

PLEASE NOTE – to be accepted the Rose of Sharon image MUST have the words Rose of Sharon in the TITLE of the image.

Our latest challenge winners
1. Blue Rose by AnnDixon

Tie Winner of A Rose or Roses the color of lavender, lilac or purple Challenge, 6-Apr-2017

2. Lilac Rose by ElsT

Tie Winner of A Rose or Roses the color of lavender, lilac or purple Challenge, 6-Apr-2017

In general we will NOT be accepting B&W, I-Pods, Sepia or "T"s also could you please keep to two images a day.

If a specific challenge asks for sepia or B&W roses, that would be the only time to add them to the group.

Your hosts want to see the natural beauty and elegance of roses from around the world!
but please keep to two images per 24 hours, THANK YOU !!

FEATURES ON EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY (depending on host availability)

PLEASE NOTE: any glitter or animated graphics posted or used by the hosts are from Photobucket and uses a link back to the original image. No image is represented as being created or owned by the hosts.

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