All About the RPG

Group Rules:

This is a group about adventure gaming. If your item doesn’t relate to that, this is not the place for it…

Art/Tee Shirts: Must be RPG-related, either a scene that could take place in-game, or a character (or monster) profile image. Please let us know which RPG the picture relates to, whether in the description, or in the tags (i.e., you could use WoW, Ultima or AD&D as tags.) If it doesn’t look RPG-ish and there’s no clear indication of what it relates to in the tag or description, it will probably be deleted.

Writing: Should be about or inspired by gameplay, whether it be a tale of adventure or an ode to the forest, etc. Character profile write-ups would work too.

Journals: There should be few if any journals. Again, should somehow relate to RPGs, maybe tales of your own gaming adventures. Please do not post “I made a sale” or “I’ll be out of town”-type journals. These will be deleted post-haste.

If you work is removed and you feel it is related to an RPG, you can resubmit. We will be looking for clarity in the discription as to what RPG it relates to and if it’s still not clear, we may remove it again.

If you continually submit works that are not appropriate to this group, you will be removed.