LAKES & (*NOTHING man made*) INLAND WATERWAYS..(IMAGE ONLY size for Moderation)

Lakes and Inland Waterways around the world, 2 per day - ANYTHING Un natural and Man Made will be rejected. Remember the water should be the focus of the image. No Bridges, People, Animals/Birds, Boats, Jetties, Coastal Beaches etc please! Paintings OK.

Features for 15th April 2011.

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6137 posts

Well, as much as I really need vibrant colours in my life, several black and white photos jumped out at me when I was seeking feature inspiration today, making me go hunt some more…. so without further ado, I present this week’s features.. :-)

by Peter Lessey

Lake Hume B&W Tree
by John Vandeven

Sparkling Sun light Over St.Mary’s Loch,Scotland.
by Aj .

April Sunset
by Husky

Floating Stick
by cjcphotography

Vanity Puddle
by Bob Larson

Touch of Frost
by De-aRt

Moody Light
by Ilco Trajkovski

Lake Rosebery
by CezB

Stormy Landscape
by Mario Curcio

by EOS20

Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf
by Steve Liptrot

machka machka 1723 posts

Great selection of black and white images of lakes. All beautiful and worthy choices. Congratulations!

Georgie Hart Georgie Hart 600 posts

Wonderful to see all of these black and white beauties together, well done everyone!

Pamela Jayne Smith Pamela Jayne S... 1822 posts

Great choices – the selection of Black and White is quite dramatic! Congratulations to all featured this week :)

Aj Finan Aj Finan 954 posts

Thanks so very much for featuring my St. Mary’s Loch. So very grateful too you and congrats to all others featured :)

emmy2 emmy2 770 posts

Stunning!! congratulations to everyone!!!