IMAGE OF THE WEEK 13th April 2010 - Annie J Lemay

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This week our Image of the Week has been chosen by Chosen by Ana Belaj she has selected a delightful capture by Annie J Lemay

Anna has this to say of Annie’s Image It is a wonderful view of the revival of life,nice colors and fantastic reflection.

Congratulations to Annie for featuring as our Image of the Week and many thanks to Anna for taking the time to choose this image for the group.

If your image is featured as our Image of the Week – please be prepared to choose the next image for the group if you would like to send Pam the details before you receive a bmail please do! Just the links to the image, artists name and of course the reason as to why you have chosen the it.

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What a thrill

I am so grateful for this….for this honor! I still am not sure what this is all about, but I think it is all good! LOL This has been a long week, I took this image the day before my 2 surgeries last week, I had so much peace in me.

This is just so good…..fills me upl

Thank you